Greek Tour Photos

Scarlett and Race visited many places on their excursion to Greece. Below are photos of some of the sites visited in A Plunge into Evil:

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The Corinth Canal

Corinth Canal 001












Nafplion 001








Palamidi Fortress

Palamidi Fortress 001Palamidi Fortress inside 001















Looking down on the Akronaflio Castle from Palamidi Fortress. The Bourtzi is in the harbor to the right.

Akronafplion Fortress 001








Mycenae and the Lion Gate

Mycenae 001Lions Gate 001















The author, K. Scot Macdonald, at a Mycenean bridge

Author at Mycenaen Bridge 001












Epidavros 001








Badron Gorge and Moni Profitis Ilonas Monastery

Badron Gorge 001Moni Profitas Ilonas Monastery 001


















Monemvasia: from the mainland and the town from the top of the fortress.

Monemvasia island 001







Monemvasia town 001









Mystras: The Citadel is at the top.

Mystras 001








Gythio: Reputed to be the Home of the World’s Most Beautiful Women

Gythio 001








Methoni Castle

Methoni Castle 001Methoni castle from the sea 001















Mani Tower Houses

Mani Tower Houses 001








Kyparissia Castle: Overgrown Ruins

Kapyrissia Castle ruins 001








Olympia: Temple of Zeus

Olympia Temple to Zeus 001








Chlemoutsi Castle: The Keep and its great hall

Chlemoutsi Castle 001Castle Clermont Inside 001


















Delphi: Amphitheatre and the Temple to Apollo

Delphi - Theatre and Temple to Apollo 001








Delphi: The Navel of the World

Delphi Navel of the world 001











Meteora Monasteries: Agious Triada (Holy Trinity)

Agios Triada Holy Trinity 001











Varlaam Monastery

Varlaam Monastery 001











Winching supplies up to Varlaam

Varlaam's winch 001











Sounion: Temple to Poseidon where Lord Byron carved his name.

Sounion Temple to Poseidon 001








Santorini: Thira sits perched above the caldera.

Santorini 001








Rhodes: The Palace of the Masters from the harbor

Rodos harbor and Palace of the Master 001








Lindos with the acropolis above it.

Lindos and Acropolis 001








Athens: The Olympic Flame at the Olympic Stadium

Athens Olympic Flame 001











The Parthenon

Athens Parthenon 001









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