Character Biographies

Arden “Never-Fail” Jeffries is a professional mediator, who believes there is always an equitable settlement to every disagreement. He has a firm belief in justice and is upset whenever things are unfair or unjust. Trained as a lawyer, he is avidly interested in politics and international relations. He loves crosswords, which he does in his head, and is a multi-tasker. His mom and step-father bicker, which led him to hone his mediation skills from a young age.

Marisela Jeffries, Arden’s wife, is a biochemist. Emotional, yet driven to achieve her goals.

Samantha “Sam” Jeffries is in high school and dreams of becoming an astronaut. She has spent a great deal of time researching which colleges produce the most female aeronautical engineers and the most astronauts. Pampered and well off, she has rarely had to struggle in her life.

Richard B. Sloane, CEO of Antioch Pharmaceuticals, is driven to succeed with a great faith in his ability to lead a company to ever greater market share and profits. He wants his company to be the finest in the world with the largest valuation. With multiple homes, cars and an eight-figure income, he lives in a different world from most people.

Angel Morales is a thief, burglar and hustler who dreams of leaving his homeboys behind to become an electrician. He is always saving money for electricians school, but never seems to have enough to go. Tough, brutal and focused only one himself, Angel is always looking for an angle to make a buck at little risk to himself and with as little work as possible.