Deadly Dance: Photos

Steve Banerjee founder of Chippendales at his club in Los Angeles, 1987 (Courtesy/ Pablo Bartholomew )

Steve LA Times Aug 3, 1988

Steve Banerjee, founder and owner of Chippendales (credit: Ellen Jaskol).

Ray Colon late in life

Ray Colon late in his life.

Overland near Chippendales 1999 001

A section of Overland Avenue in Los Angeles in the late 1990s near where Chippendales was located.

Chippendales at night

Chippendales at its height in the early 1990s, when it was used as the setting for a motion picture. (Image courtesy of Enzo Giobbe, all rights protected.)

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A Chippendales dancer in the club ( Bettmann Archive/Getty Images )

Nick de Noia300dpi

One of the last pictures of Nicholas “Nick” DeNoia, working with Chippendales dancers. (Photo courtesy of Marie DeNoia Aronsohn, all rights protected).

Steves House

Steve Banerjee’s house in Playa del Rey on the Pacific Coast. His house was the second brown house from the corner.

Overland Palms 2

The Overland Palms apartments, which Ray was managing when Steve offered him $7,000 to burn down a rival nightclub.

7-11 001

The 7-Eleven where, in 1978, Ray Colon found a pair of young would-be arsonists for Steve to hire to burn down a rival nightclub, Moody’s.

Hamburger Hamlet 1 001

The Hamburger Hamlet in Brentwood where, in 1984, Steve Banerjee met Ray Colon to ask him to arrange the burning down of a rival club, the Pearl Harbor.

Marie Callenders 001

The Marie Callender’s restaurant on National in West Los Angeles where, in 1987, Steve Banerjee told Ray Colon he wanted “the ultimate” done on his business partner, Nicholas “Nick” DeNoia.

264 West 40th Street 002 by ezio zerziani

The scene of the murder of Nicholas “Nick” De Noia, 264 West 40th Street in Manhattan, New York. Image by Ezio Zerziani.

IHOP front 001

The International House of Pancakes on Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles, where Steve Banerjee met Ray Colon, with Louie Lopez waiting in the car, to pay for the hit on Nicholas “Nick” De Noia in April 1987.

IHOP back lot 001

The parking lot of the International House of Pancakes, where Steve parked to meet Ray.


Detective Michael Geddes, NYPD, who was assigned to investigate the murder of Nicholas “Nick” De Noia in Manhattan. (Photo courtesy of Michael Geddes, all rights protected.)

Federal Building Westwood 001

The Federal Building in Westwood, where the FBI agents assigned to the case, Andrew J. Stefanek and Scott Garriola, were based.

D B Coopers 001

D. B. Cooper’s, where Steve had cash delivered for Ray Colon to aid in Ray’s legal defense. Instead, the FBI collected the cash and used it to confirm the link between Steve and Ray.

MDC 001

The Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles where Ray Colon and William “Billy” Nelson Barnes, and then Steve Banerjee were held after their arrests.

Chippendales day care 001

The building that houses Chippendales after the club closed in the late 1990s. At the time, it housed an adult day care.


Steve’s attorney, Bruce Nahin. He was not involved in any way with the crimes related to Chippendales. (Photo courtesy of Bruce Nahin, all rights protected.)


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Buy it today as a paperback, kindle or in any e-book in any format.

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